Tensioners & Despensers

Tensioner S-25

The market of tensioners is already overfown with cheap models made in China. Our S-25 tensioner is made in China too, but it contains advanced German engineering and knowledge. While most of the cheap models are based on a ratchet system our model is equipped with two anti cycling one way bearings.

These bearings make the tensioner more durable and easier to handle. Less force is needed during the tensioning. The special designed breakle shoe is made for all our strapping systems.

High quality composite will be protected. The integrated stainless steel cutter will easily cut any belt.

Item Code Belt Width
SL-TS-25 9 to 25 mm

Tensioner S-50

The bigger version of our S-25, the S-50, corresponds to the same quality and technology requests. Due to the need of tensioning wider belts with higher forces, the dimensions are bigger.

The longer handle gives you a wider tension angle and again less force is needed. The integrated breakable shoe and the cutter are designed for the hard duty of every day tensioning.

Item Code Belt Width
SL-TS-50 25 to 50 mm


Heavy duty challenges needs heavy duty tools. The R 50 XXL Ratchet is made for tensioning big and strong belts.

This ratchet type tensioner can be used for any kind of strapping system from 25 to 50 mm width.

The design of these big tools are made to be as light weighted as possible and the wide tension angle gives you maximum tensioning strength at minimum force.

Item Code Belt Width
SL-RT-50 XXL 25 to 50 mm


This was one target when we developed this dispenser. On the other hand it had to be easy to handle and could not be too heavy. Quite a challenge. With our new, all-in-house-made, high performance dispenser we are matching all our customers needs and wishes.

The handle bar is adjustable in height for a comfortable handling. The heavy duty roll dispenser is extremely durable and fits to almost all strapping belt coils. The double ball bearing center makes it possible for the coils to turn smooth and easy. But only as far as you want, the integrated belt break will prevent an uncontrolled unreel of the belt.

The ball bearing wheels, the solid stand and the tool compartment makes this RR-type of a dispenser complete.

Item Code Belt Width
SL-DP-50 9 to 50 mm

Our Key Benefits

  • Safe
  • Chemical resistant
  • Shock absorbent
  • Does not damage your product
  • Re-tensionable
  • Rust proof
  • Light-weight & portable
  • Cost effective
  • Weather resistant

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