Drum Protectors & Brackets

Drum Cover

Simple and fast solution to fix drum on a pallet

The container-lashing and the container-cover are ready-made aids, which facilities fast and effective load securing in containers. The goods are protected against damage, slipping etc. during transport and when opening the container doors. There is no danger of injury for the reciever when unloading.

We have introduced the Drum covers to our extensive range of products which substitues expensive wooden pallets ans wooden plates.

Protecting and securing with stretch film or shrink foil hood is not necessary anymore.

  • The alternative to stretch or shrink foil.
  • Ready-made belt system = time / cost reduction.
  • The fast and inexpensive solution for Drum securing on pallets
  • Reuseable system, No waste of material.
  • Available in 1, 2, 3 & 4Drums System.
Item Code Type Belt-System
SL-DC-FH 1 For 1 Drum 32mm
SL-DC-FH 2 For 2 Drum 32mm
SL-DC-FH 3 For 3 Drum 32mm
SL-DC-FH 4 For 4 Drum 32mm

Drum Brackets

To fix the strap position on slippery Drum edges

Suitable drum brackets for any application.

Our strapping tapes and lashes are suitable for all proposed drum brackets.

To secure the drum on the pallet, we recommend our drum brackets.

They are:

  • Quick and easy handle
  • retensionable
  • Weatherproof (UV radiation)
  • Permanently resilient
  • available in different sizes.
Item Code Dimesions
SL-DB-FS 50PK 65x55x38x28mm (Red)
SL-DB-FS 50PR 65x55x30x30mm (Yelow)
SL-DB-FS 50P 70x110x65mm (Black)

Card Board (Paper) Edge Protector

The simple edge protector offers a very economic protection

  • Especially developed to protect drums
  • Economic

Technical specification

Angular Dimensions: 47 X 47 X 4mm

Item Code Item Dimesions
SL-EP-CBP-1000 Card Board Edge Protector 47 X 47 X 4 X 4mm / 1.0Mtr.
SL-EP-CBP-1200 Card Board Edge Protector 47 X 47 X 4 X 4mm / 1.2Mtr.
SL-EP-CBP-2000 Card Board Edge Protector 47 X 47 X 4 X 4mm / 2.0Mtr.

Our Key Benefits

  • Safe
  • Chemical resistant
  • Shock absorbent
  • Does not damage your product
  • Re-tensionable
  • Rust proof
  • Light-weight & portable
  • Cost effective
  • Weather resistant

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